The night unroused,
In the mist of lazy flakes,
To live in phantom,
And to forget all the stakes.

And thence all lies spoke truth,
Grey days in the lust of pang,
O’ evilness behold,
To the old days of swang.

Lived from a snake bite,
Found the undreamt mirth,
Paradise , O’ paradise , screams,
Curse ,the day it took birth.

Black kiss with red lips,
Truth hid reality sans ruth,
Escaping into a poesy of death,
Beauty killed innocence with its sleuth.

In the frozen night, thou wander,
Demise grew pale within the grave,
To find the fire with a spring,
Woe howled to the destroyer, save.

©  reserved.

44 thoughts on “Benumbed.

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  1. The time it takes to create a poem of depth is with me an appreciated thing. I used to sit and ponder such things while reading authors of the days when perfection in poetry was metered and mattered . Now, life’s too complicated to stop and read, so thanks for making it easy to find someone new and worth reading;)

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    1. Wow, i really respect your comment, i am so gleeful at this instant ,that i can touch my readers heart and make them write this “beautiful” comment.
      You are really veracious , the point you’ve stated above; about the poetry of the days, life is so tangled in itself these days.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my piece , i feel so grateful.
      I will surely try to give my efforts to write like this only. Thank you 🙂
      God bless 🙂


    2. I once fancied myself as a writer, but as I grew old, I found that I write for fun or release. Rarely do I have the tenacity to write a real piece of poetry, so it’s inspiring to find young writers out there like you! Keep writing! And best of luck on all your endeavors!

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    1. Waking up and see your blog’s notification like this, it anamneses me about how grateful i am, every time.

      I am really chuffed to hear that, you allied yourself with it,
      Thanks for your appreciation and sharing it on you blog.
      God bless 🙂


  2. Wow, this is an amazing piece! Very beautiful and almost soothing tone.

    Would love you to come visit me and let me know your thoughts on my work 😉
    -Fallen xx

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