Unsheathed: an ode.

Amidst the tainted fibs,
Obliterated all the light,
Blood seeped through the nibs,
Perdition to forget the might.

Swim into a reverie,
Lost the first ebbs,
Gloom and arbitrary,
Sombre; spider webs.

Beneath is deep, i know, i know the story of a deer ; cried for the days of aliveness , ran and ran and ran to jump off the cliff, but caught by the mighty tiger : Died an undead death.

Reticent: her voice,
Blue lies in adroit love,
Coruscating : beaut eyes,
Hark to the saga of lost dove.

“Dark i am, in grave i live,
Let me fall without a why,
Some take, some give,
Some laugh, some die.”


18 thoughts on “Unsheathed: an ode.

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    1. Achieved POETRY, thats a huge laudation i could ever get, really.
      It gave me goosebumps while reading your comment,
      I respect your appreciation, glad that you read and liked them.
      Thanks a lot
      God bless 🙂


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