Homely Departure:

Artist; @talbetart              (Instagram) Begone did what must not as speaks the tongue about gentleness Speaks it a kind unknown to itself but it does as stretched road amid meadows with the facts unknown of lost stories when in dark these big oak trees turns to shadow. Over the facts,... Continue Reading →

Remained, ever since;

Artist; @dannygreeneart - (Instagram) Absolute eyes gazes...gazed all it absurd For, is realism demonstrated or devastated? Once from a mouth of strange, I heard - “Truth is we, from us it has been created” Foolish might I been, as craved I from then On the remark of first from that once; Sure was I not?... Continue Reading →

As belief; a surrender.

Artist; @saintsaturday_               - Instagram They say, but know not Seem less of words are all that is As the autumn falls heights, and sight all it craves Or the thirst might it be in the mist of winters, For, summers are foggy, so the light of thy. How... Continue Reading →

Once a deer!

Art by; Nidhi Dhomeja Behold, oh please, to breathe Bathe yourself in the gone river of lethe And then ask not the pain stayed So, the time when once we laid: Didn’t all petals of your rose fall? And you shed, for the age among Vows you arise to sate your vanity; Wildly turbulent to... Continue Reading →

Murder, murder…

As i see, i sight the frightening frown, In the lust of lust being here, Death a mortality; may you immortal, For death is alive and alive is dead. And the sour oh sour taste of sweet, Crave i thee, Rarely do i breathed of self, May thou been, June i be. The rasps within,... Continue Reading →

Mardigal of solitude…

Be no proud; lay no rose, Ov’r the pages written by wraith, Nude by thy sable garb woes; In the brimes of sleepless nights i bathe. I call to i; beget my words, Let i write the ink of fine, Scatt'rred smile of perjured lust; On purpose laid to sweeten a whine. On dreary love... Continue Reading →

Canvas me; O’you.

Art by; @lo_fontaine - Instagram. Here, o'sight of autumn dead ; I walk our wonted road, In the might of harsher voices; red, Let me behold the pain i strode; For the change you change is dry, And the sucked sweet dripped blood, But oh, who ever felt as I, Weighed the sand grain as... Continue Reading →

Bella Maya..

Art by; @tinamariaelena                 - Instagram. Be still, comely love, still to be, Eyes in eyes, make my shore to sea; Cry with a smile, bloody tears make ill, Expand your arms, fly me an unexplored hill; Hold like a breath, amend me with three. Be still, comely... Continue Reading →

O’love, My love…

Art by - @carboninkk ( Instagram ) Fair love, let us go dine, Will thou let me call thee mine? Will thou let me write fine? Will thee let me taketh thou to shrine? For the sake of love, life and liberty, Will i be in your arms? Will i be dirty? With all your... Continue Reading →

Abysmal i:

In the time of my era, The saga; i won't, And the blood beseeched, Dripped over eyes, your throat. For the sake of sun, The flower, i made the rose, Believe me, don't teach, I am a jungle; died prose. As bright as my darkness, As light as my will, As weak as my heart,... Continue Reading →

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