Abysmal i:

In the time of my era, The saga; i won't, And the blood beseeched, Dripped over eyes, your throat. For the sake of sun, The flower, i made the rose, Believe me, don't teach, I am a jungle; died prose. As bright as my darkness, As light as my will, As weak as my heart,... Continue Reading →



And thence abstract; to brave, Euphoric pang of thy bite, Beneath the dark azure, O'dear, smite the night. For uncertain certainties, Mistaketh me in the weep, Doth ye smirk love, The leda and the swan, Lust may wanton dove, To bileven wry truth. Again i quench my candour, Against my wilt; chicanery, For i call... Continue Reading →

In the Mist of Certain..

In the deep blueness of the sky, there lays untold stories, stories once have heard by the dark. Isn't it beautiful that, everyday day sun dies to let the moon live? Light dies or call it sacrifice; to let the somber come to life, to tell us the new saga , to make us feel... Continue Reading →


In the mist of certain, I stand alone, Fathomed me: none, Am i that why? Espy: beneath, Beautiful i feel, I know the Death you create. For i feel, beneath. We stand together, Again in the mist, Mist: lifeless breath, Speaks to unsaid. Lived in ellipse, But: fire dies, Removed i am twice, By the... Continue Reading →

Bain of blue:

Demise her steps, Don't proceed: don't fall, Dreaming am i? For, To read the unwritten, Fly the fall, And hear the unsaid. Maybe, Smile: some without green-eyed, Thank: some without hate, Pray: some without egotism. But, Sky amending blue, Sweet pain of white guffawed, To wax grey, again. Where, Share theirs, None hark to yours,... Continue Reading →

Feed the still..

Art by - Instagram -@septembrenell @bookaboutyou   Arcane my ink, For i write my blood, Don't seep, don't cry, Stay - lurch words of my. Live my poesy of dark, As alive as dead, Birth in my perdition, Enclosed in my envision. A mirror of tarnished , Discern the untold alexithymia , Like a Thavma... Continue Reading →

Extant Letter…

Everything is precisely a fib, Laze under deep, to wake you up at death bed, For the life , you must, For the death, its heretofore there. Shh, don't cry, you'll be eavesdropped : schizophrenic. I wish to sour, to taste the sweet zephyr, Can i, can-i be unfettered...Unfettered from the chains of anxiety, that... Continue Reading →


Trembling with heavy thoughts, Should i drown or should i let go? She fostered a defensive line, a line of hate; So high to say a good-bye. Strangulating to found herself on a bed, a bed of guilt, maybe. She haunts me, Screams : oh please, love me, love me, as she came. Inaudible to... Continue Reading →


You susurrate underneath , Like a damsel: to disarray her, To let it be a naked feet, You lie there: all blur. Opulent pain of euphony, In a forest we meet, Foxy but asynchrony, Embrace: your fire and heat. I learnt the unlearnt, In all my wordy still, Sentient in my blunt, And extant in... Continue Reading →


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