Unsheathed: an ode.

Amidst the tainted fibs, Obliterated all the light, Blood seeped through the nibs, Perdition to forget the might. Swim into a reverie, Lost the first ebbs, Gloom and arbitrary, Sombre; spider webs. Beneath is deep, i know, i know the story of a deer ; cried for the days of aliveness , ran and ran... Continue Reading →



Weep, yawp, weep, yawp, O' life, o'life, why doth thee exist? Like a starry sky, where's the cloudless clime? In a day i born, in a night i fight. I may , or might not? Descry, descry, descry, Listen to an aphony mumble, For the dark i pray, for the solitude i stay. Would thou... Continue Reading →

Ode to murk:

Rideth upon infidelity, Ov'r the night i dream, Gasps my breaths , Where are the stakes once i fiend? Hail of pyrrhonism , Braved all my lost hypothesis, Fostered by illusions, What my myth once has praises. Made of black rose, Sextus and sexta lay Waxed in fire and the light, Adieu , adieu ,... Continue Reading →


Died, esoteric cries of pride, O' love, dream a might. Strode on death, how far is alive? Guffawed the abhorrence to bide. In a forest , she slumbered, Envisaged eyes, unencumbered, Story i screeched is unnumbered, Voice ,of a humbird. Dry, like a dessert, Cactus, so hassled. Why this life is not lucently castled? Does... Continue Reading →


Yet, dolour affirmed the fib, Perfidiously died in a lap of autumn. Help, help! I am alive, seems like already forgotten. Astrophil urged Stella, Dirge of angst in a slur, Wait , wait! He hung fire for the love of her. I try, i cry, yes i unfold, i die, Let the darth befall, Espy... Continue Reading →


The night unroused, In the mist of lazy flakes, To live in phantom, And to forget all the stakes. And thence all lies spoke truth, Grey days in the lust of pang, O' evilness behold, To the old days of swang. Lived from a snake bite, Found the undreamt mirth, Paradise , O' paradise ,... Continue Reading →

Oxymoron :

Incarceration need an obscure voice, Agony smiled to ambivalent cries. Dreaded life to commit sin, If an esoteric truth lives within. Touch , let me live death, Please hear me, the voided breath. Realness rued over chicanery, Hope clasped upon the dead fairy. Slithered, the time i need love, Shadows trusted an evil dove. Love... Continue Reading →


Phantasmagoria of paradise , wolf howls. Lost to find the lost soul. Grave heard the story untold. Contour of lie showed the truth. Belay , the scream within. Silhouettes , curse run cold. Infidelity , cries of thoughts. Black euphony with a chaotic debris . Serene kiss of dead reality with red lips laughed. Galaxy... Continue Reading →

Stainless :

Stern voice of these silhouettes lied. Autumn ,not leafs but splintered feathers. Like a tumbled life and arose eyes , i meet mortality. Inimical truth enwreathed by the cracked mirrors , and blood filled the fissured of the palm. Wait. Listen, answer me? Feel the buried dark. Tried to stand , river lugged back. Traveling... Continue Reading →


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