Murder, murder…

As i see, i sight the frightening frown, In the lust of lust being here, Death a mortality; may you immortal, For death is alive and alive is dead. And the sour oh sour taste of sweet, Crave i thee, Rarely do i breathed of self, May thou been, June i be. The rasps within,... Continue Reading →


Bella Maya..

Art by; @tinamariaelena                 - Instagram. Be still, comely love, still to be, Eyes in eyes, make my shore to sea; Cry with a smile, bloody tears make ill, Expand your arms, fly me an unexplored hill; Hold like a breath, amend me with three. Be still, comely... Continue Reading →


Trembling with heavy thoughts, Should i drown or should i let go? She fostered a defensive line, a line of hate; So high to say a good-bye. Strangulating to found herself on a bed, a bed of guilt, maybe. She haunts me, Screams : oh please, love me, love me, as she came. Inaudible to... Continue Reading →


You susurrate underneath , Like a damsel: to disarray her, To let it be a naked feet, You lie there: all blur. Opulent pain of euphony, In a forest we meet, Foxy but asynchrony, Embrace: your fire and heat. I learnt the unlearnt, In all my wordy still, Sentient in my blunt, And extant in... Continue Reading →

Unsheathed: an ode.

Amidst the tainted fibs, Obliterated all the light, Blood seeped through the nibs, Perdition to forget the might. Swim into a reverie, Lost the first ebbs, Gloom and arbitrary, Sombre; spider webs. Beneath is deep, i know, i know the story of a deer ; cried for the days of aliveness , ran and ran... Continue Reading →

Said The Anxiety!

   Lost, no faith, i've never been out. Smile, death is acceptable. Breezing, but i am tied. Cuts on my wrist, only death is left to kiss. Scars in my eyes,only almighty can trace. Ghost of a smile hiding my hints. Alienated , guide me through prints. Sun is shining with the darkest reality. No... Continue Reading →

Death Of Humanity !

Summers, trees are shattering their leafs. Sun rays are dark, light lost its meaning. Dying, its crowded but none of the one is endeavouring to help. Under the sky we are now silhouettes, puppets of falsity. Bewildered, everything is same, which path to go on? Celestial bodies are now delineating in astral forms. Judging ,... Continue Reading →

I Tried.

He cried , she cosseted. He lied, she knows about it but acted like she got duped by him. He loves her, she is ready to give her life to him. The time he gets sick, she dies inside. I am still scrutinising for words to elucidate her, where his mother replied - "at least... Continue Reading →

Stop Bleeding!

Stranded as dreams, hopes building up a tree house. Iceland's enchantress is marring its beauty, Blue is now dark, nothing else but a grey hue. No water left for rain, no clear vision. Touch, tell me what is it? Sight, tell me what you see? Air, can you breath? Heart, love me, maybe? Crossing the... Continue Reading →

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