In the mist of certain, I stand alone, Fathomed me: none, Am i that why? Espy: beneath, Beautiful i feel, I know the Death you create. For i feel, beneath. We stand together, Again in the mist, Mist: lifeless breath, Speaks to unsaid. Lived in ellipse, But: fire dies, Removed i am twice, By the... Continue Reading →


Bain of blue:

Demise her steps, Don't proceed: don't fall, Dreaming am i? For, To read the unwritten, Fly the fall, And hear the unsaid. Maybe, Smile: some without green-eyed, Thank: some without hate, Pray: some without egotism. But, Sky amending blue, Sweet pain of white guffawed, To wax grey, again. Where, Share theirs, None hark to yours,... Continue Reading →

Feed the still..

Art by - Instagram -@septembrenell @bookaboutyou   Arcane my ink, For i write my blood, Don't seep, don't cry, Stay - lurch words of my. Live my poesy of dark, As alive as dead, Birth in my perdition, Enclosed in my envision. A mirror of tarnished , Discern the untold alexithymia , Like a Thavma... Continue Reading →

Extant Letter…

Everything is precisely a fib, Laze under deep, to wake you up at death bed, For the life , you must, For the death, its heretofore there. Shh, don't cry, you'll be eavesdropped : schizophrenic. I wish to sour, to taste the sweet zephyr, Can i, can-i be unfettered...Unfettered from the chains of anxiety, that... Continue Reading →


Trembling with heavy thoughts, Should i drown or should i let go? She fostered a defensive line, a line of hate; So high to say a good-bye. Strangulating to found herself on a bed, a bed of guilt, maybe. She haunts me, Screams : oh please, love me, love me, as she came. Inaudible to... Continue Reading →


You susurrate underneath , Like a damsel: to disarray her, To let it be a naked feet, You lie there: all blur. Opulent pain of euphony, In a forest we meet, Foxy but asynchrony, Embrace: your fire and heat. I learnt the unlearnt, In all my wordy still, Sentient in my blunt, And extant in... Continue Reading →

Unsheathed: an ode.

Amidst the tainted fibs, Obliterated all the light, Blood seeped through the nibs, Perdition to forget the might. Swim into a reverie, Lost the first ebbs, Gloom and arbitrary, Sombre; spider webs. Beneath is deep, i know, i know the story of a deer ; cried for the days of aliveness , ran and ran... Continue Reading →


Weep, yawp, weep, yawp, O' life, o'life, why doth thee exist? Like a starry sky, where's the cloudless clime? In a day i born, in a night i fight. I may , or might not? Descry, descry, descry, Listen to an aphony mumble, For the dark i pray, for the solitude i stay. Would thou... Continue Reading →

Ode to murk:

Rideth upon infidelity, Ov'r the night i dream, Gasps my breaths , Where are the stakes once i fiend? Hail of pyrrhonism , Braved all my lost hypothesis, Fostered by illusions, What my myth once has praises. Made of black rose, Sextus and sexta lay Waxed in fire and the light, Adieu , adieu ,... Continue Reading →


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