Remained, ever since;

Artist; @dannygreeneart - (Instagram) Absolute eyes gazes...gazed all it absurd For, is realism demonstrated or devastated? Once from a mouth of strange, I heard - “Truth is we, from us it has been created” Foolish might I been, as craved I from then On the remark of first from that once; Sure was I not?... Continue Reading →


Once a deer!

Art by; Nidhi Dhomeja Behold, oh please, to breathe Bathe yourself in the gone river of lethe And then ask not the pain stayed So, the time when once we laid: Didn’t all petals of your rose fall? And you shed, for the age among Vows you arise to sate your vanity; Wildly turbulent to... Continue Reading →


And thence abstract; to brave, Euphoric pang of thy bite, Beneath the dark azure, O'dear, smite the night. For uncertain certainties, Mistaketh me in the weep, Doth ye smirk love, The leda and the swan, Lust may wanton dove, To bileven wry truth. Again i quench my candour, Against my wilt; chicanery, For i call... Continue Reading →

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