Canvas me; O’you.

Art by; @lo_fontaine - Instagram. Here, o'sight of autumn dead ; I walk our wonted road, In the might of harsher voices; red, Let me behold the pain i strode; For the change you change is dry, And the sucked sweet dripped blood, But oh, who ever felt as I, Weighed the sand grain as... Continue Reading →


Past Lost!

Stranded vehemences need a voice. Caress, sense the screech. Eyes droning out the unspoken words. Not autistic but i can live it. Echo's of dreamland assailed again. Foregone desire left somewhere. Wake me up, let me breathe, Been years, god ,let us meet, I still wander near her street, In the hope, one day she'll... Continue Reading →

Breathing Death.

This soul has no breath, strangulating to get a life. Sky is blue, white clouds having white lies. These eyes have changed its color to red. Heart is singing melody, again hoping to rise. Breathe, breathe, my heart is singing, But i don't have it, tell her to bring in. Faith of life is separated... Continue Reading →

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