Let it wane.

Tumbled with no substratum.
Concealing the rumbled bay.
In the bright azure , i earned truth.

Read me ,said the unwritten words.
Speak me ,said the unspoken agony.
Breathe me , said the unsurpassable anxiety.
Feel me, said the uncontentious chicanery.

Fostering a bulwark of emotions.
High tides sending up new politics.
Splintered in incessant deception.

Blood, used to be red.
Emotions ,used to be felt.
Cries, used to be heard.
Reality, used to exist.

Only scars left with myriad tries.
Freedom is disguised in madness.
Hope sighed – Like a dream ,let it wane.


Picture courtsey – https://mobile.facebook.com/ayon.boraa?ref=bookmarks



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