Oh my my…

Oh my my,
These pebbles , lifeless yet strong.
The breeze , shove me into the river, please.

Oh my my,
Mendacity taking over the vivacity of god.
Let it rain , let the tears wane.

Oh my my,
Breathe , breathe , lost.
Beauty of scars defining an inviolated star.

Oh my my,
Discern the pain.
The knell , tongue stammered again to spell.

Oh my my,
Unlatch the door.
Shh, Don’t ask, unchain me , i’ll stay unmask.

Oh my my,
What an illusion.
Nothings stays , it’ll be gone , not weak , i am a storm.

Oh my my,
Silence screams.
Darling wait , your pen knows love , not hate.



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