That Night.

Laughters , the smile , all white lies.
Happy faces, discern the hidden vice.
Profanity, of loving with no price.
Enwreathed by contour and the silent cries.

When you say , stay , its life ; they replied.
Again i dream and again i fight.

Why and what am i doing it for?
Screech of pain , how to hasp the door?
Hatch of mendacity to live more,
Answer , i am here to explore.

Fortify me from the distorted love, everyday i pray
Again i shout ; Can you hear me, hey.

Credence , from where to start?
Echo’s never been a part.
Maybe , being real is now an art.
I scraped my head and damn, that night i laughed so hard.

© reserved.


14 thoughts on “That Night.

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    1. Thanks a lot.
      Nah, no one is bad at anything until you try to explore that.
      Do readings, books , dictionary – and boom here you go.

      I know you are about to do very great, believe me – i too have started from the bottom right?

      Liked by 1 person

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