Benevolent enrichment and Subdue reticent voice are ample to slay.
Coruscating adroit eyes are waiting to say a lot with a broken trust , maybe?
She is endearing with a winsome smile, with a scrutiny in her heart for sun signs on this road of never ending miles.
Subtlety of her questions are pretty as she, like a dream , she lived again a bit.
Smells like caffeine , she is damn enslaving.
In a dreamland she lives, i am awake still i am waving.
© reserved .


14 thoughts on “SHE.

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  1. Lovely poem. I’ll try to continue it.

    But behind her facade is willing heart
    Wanting to love and trust again
    Someone who will treasure her words
    Just let her walls crumble in time
    You’ll see her as a whole
    As a person, as an angel, and as a wrecked woman
    You’ll see her as more than beautiful.

    I hope you don’t mind.

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