Wake Up !



This light is full of darkness.

This reflection of hate once used to be that passionate love.

The reality of life is getting ruined now, no one to blame.

The depth of these vehemences have evanesced in salvation. 

Love is getting used for one thing, SEX.

These silhouettes are now real ,which used to be fake.

Our souls once were pure, even the god’s vivacity is wasted now in this dirt. 

Ask yourself, is it right what you doing?

Every single one is getting inebriated, everybody wants more, no one is satisfied  with what they have, why?


-“A coal can delineate the diamond in black, but the diamond can’t ever depict the coal into purity, so with our souls , which is certainly destroyed”.-

This subconscious mind is trying to control us but this consciousness of ours is fostering the bulwark against the truth and the reality of falsity we leaving in.

“Wake up, else regret later when the accounts will be disclosed above in the spirit realm”.


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