Let Me Hold It.

Dreaded by this life, a life which is not a life anymore.
Sky is blue, but the sight is dark.
Living in a falsity, she is faking her merriment.
Sun is rising, where are the rays.
Wind is blowing, poisonous.
Every second without her is worse than a last.
I am an abandoned house on a hill top, where she is an enchantress of an Iceland.
“Let this life instigate before its very ending.
Let the death wait, let me hold that hand first”.


5 thoughts on “Let Me Hold It.

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  1. I just read all your entries thus far. We have a similar kind of poetry style. You write well. Constructive criticism: just after writing a poem, make sure to look over it and edit any minor grammar errors before submitting. Nice blog regardless! 🙂

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