Truth Is A Sham

Still finding it from pillar to post, knowing the veracity that i am killing myself by giving a spurious hope.
It has to happen, when you want to rest in arms of the person who doesn’t belongs to you, but you still rant your heart out.

The Truth?
The Truth is , i am leading myself to nowhere in a blind unrequited love. There’s no polarity in my loving or slaying myself.

The Truth is, wind is blowing with my thoughts taking away. These vibes is murdered by her love for other. And now i am overwrought for the voice i have never heard.

The Truth is, clinching shadows where i asked for a soul. Time is doomed, heart is not a heart anymore.

Those scintillating eyes are left all alone damped, let me in, to light them up once again.

“The Truth is, it’l stay as a dream for life.
The Truth which doesn’t belongs to anyone, Its a sham”.
© reserved – intuitingreality


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